Hi, I’m Pearls!

Hey all!  Thanks for checking out my new blog.  This has been ultra hard to begin, partly because I’m not sure what to write about.

I’ve had a great year!  Last June (2014) I spent time in Europe, touring 7 countries with a really great band called The Jet-sons/Freeborn Brothers.  I felt quite blessed!  I started a new job in August, which I completely LOVE!  I’m given 4 breaks throughout the year which will afford me the opportunity to tour more often!  In January, I took advantage of this opportunity and went to Texas for a short week and a half tour across the Lonestar state!  I can’t wait to come back (when it’s warmer!)  I had a great record release party for “Echoes from the Prairie” at The Hideout Inn Chicago on Friday, February 6th and had Chicago favorites – The Gin Palace Jesters – open up the night!  Milk Products Media filmed the evening and I will be working with their team to cut some live music videos!!!  Custom Recording Company is mastering the audio from the night; and I can’t thank those brothers enough for the excellent work on my new album!!!

Speaking of which—have you picked up my new album on WHITE VINYL yet?  Or perhaps on CD!?  Get it now at http://www.pearlsmahone.com!

I’m looking forward to getting out to new parts of the country and revisiting friends and fans in old familiar haunts!  Please contact me with your city/state and the best venues to play!  I want to get out and see you.  If there are any booking agents reading this, please contact me — I’d love your help booking some future tours!

Over and out for now—check back in a day or two!  More updates to come on THE NASHVILLE BOOGIE!

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